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Looking for a challenging career in tax, financial and corporate consultancy?

Opportunities for growth and development are at the heart of our corporate culture.
If you want a dynamic, collaborative and excellence-oriented work environment, this is the right place .

We firmly believe in the value of people and their potential. We are dedicated to creating a work environment that fosters learning, collaboration and professional growth and we believe that the success of a professional firm lies in the quality and commitment of its members.

If you are a professional or want to start training to become a professional and are ambitious, eager to overcome challenges and acquire valuable skills in the field of tax and accounting consultancy, we are ready to offer you a rewarding career path. Join our team of experts and discover how your talent can make a difference.


We are looking for ambitious, passionate people eager to grow in the field of tax and accounting consultancy; who share our values of integrity, professionalism and commitment to customers.

If you want to be part of a dynamic and challenging team, where you can put your skills into practice and grow professionally, then you are the person we are looking for
Why work with us?


We offer much more than a job, we offer you the opportunity to grow professionally in a stimulating and exciting environment. We are committed to investing in your skills and providing you with the resources you need to reach your maximum potential.


Our corporate culture promotes collaboration, innovation and professional ethics.


Join us and discover how you can achieve your career aspirations in a challenging and rewarding environment.

Open positions:


​We are looking for motivated and ambitious candidates who wish to obtain the qualification as a chartered accountant. The insertion requires the candidate to gradually take care of the following main tasks:


  1. Study and in-depth analysis of Italian and European tax, accounting and legal regulations.

  2. Active participation in training and professional development courses to acquire the skills necessary to practice the profession.

  3. Collaboration with industry experts and supervision of accounting, tax and administrative activities.

  4. Assistance to clients in tax planning, accounting management and legal matters.

  5. Preparation and submission of documents and tax returns on behalf of clients.

  6. Contribution to the growth of the professional firm through the development of commercial relationships and participation in marketing and networking activities.


Required skills:

  1. ​Master's degree in Economics.

  2. Ability to work in a team and communicate clearly and effectively with colleagues and customers.

  3. Result orientation and ability to manage deadlines effectively.

  4. Flexibility and adaptability to the changing needs of the profession.

Benefits offered:

  1. Opportunities for professional growth in a dynamic and stimulating studio.

  2. Constant support in preparing for the qualifying exam.

  3. Continuous training and opportunity to participate in industry events and conferences.

  4. Collaborative and goal-oriented work environment.

  5. Competitive salary based on experience acquired during the course.

If you are ambitious and want to pursue a challenging and rewarding career, send us your CV and cover letter. We are interested in meeting you and discussing the opportunities we can offer you to develop your potential and achieve your career goals as a chartered accountant.

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