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In a dynamic and ever-changing scenario accelerated more by the digital transition, companies need high-quality specialized skills, which are often not available or are not developed internally. This is the area of intervention of the outsourcing services of our Network.

The firm offers clients verticalized professionalism in specific areas of expertise, allowing companies to acquire external knowledge through highly qualified outsourcing.


Our network of professionals is available for active and continuous analysis, planning, development and coordination of activities. This allows companies to quickly obtain the control and qualified management of activities that do not fall within the areas of internally available skills, with the best cost/benefit ratio and with the opportunity to evaluate whether to maintain these skills in outsourcing or if develop new internal resources with tutoring and coordination by the firm's professionals.

Following an initial analysis aimed at identifying the company's needs and critical issues, the study will determine the company's needs in terms of professional skills, strategies, work programs, times and costs to identify the best path for achieving the client's objectives.

Some of the skills available:

  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

  • Chief Credit Officer (CCO)

  • Chief Innovation Officer (CIO)

  • Chief Digital Officer (CDO)

  • Project Manager Officer (PMO)

  • IT Manager

  • R&D Manager

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