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The Studio Commercialisti Associati has been operating in national and international contexts since 1975.


We provide assistance in tax, financial and corporate consultancy, responding to the multiple needs of people and companies imposed by the current economic and regulatory scenario.


We are a team of professionals who hold various positions as directors, auditors, auditors and liquidators in leading companies.



We are tied to our corporate values which we carry forward with motivation and determination. The commitment and professional growth of the individual determine the quality of collective performance.


We consider training an essential part of our work: for ourselves , to be constantly updated and with our customers who must feel an integral part of a project.


To be efficient and competitive over time, we look carefully at innovation that allows us to always identify new operational opportunities.


The enhancement of human capital is an essential factor for us. In our team , people are at the center, with their skills and characteristics, allowing us to reach important goals.

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We face every situation with a proactive approach, looking at the solution and not the problem.


Over time we have been able to create a network of professionals capable of responding to all requests in order to deploy the necessary skills.

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